Choosing A Wedding Venue For Your Catering Service Is Vital

While there are many caterers who can help you with preparing foods for your wedding reception, you have to see what you can get out of a quality location.

You must have a wedding venue that is conducive to supporting the needs a wedding catering service has. This is regardless of whether a caterer has worked at that venue or not.

Review the size. Take a look at how large your wedding venue is and compare it with the number of people who will be at your event.

A wedding catering service could prepare a larger cooking and serving team if you have a massive location to work with.

Sometimes a venue might be near a church or other large wedding hall. In other cases it might require a tent or other surface for outdoor activities.

Whatever the case is, see that it is a place that a caterer can set up shop at. Some places might be too small for a caterer to operate in due to the extra materials one needs for planning food services.

Where will the caterers be stationed out of? You must see how a caterer will have access to the materials needed for preparing and serving foods.

A wedding hall may have its own kitchen or other space for food preparation needs. In other cases a new setup has to be organized with generators on hand to support ovens and other appliances that are needed for getting foods ready in many forms.

What materials do you have? The specific items you have for your food preparation needs should be reviewed.

A talented catering team should have access to things like ovens, freezers and other key appliances. Look at how well a wedding venue has access to such items or if you need your caterer to bring those appliances themselves.

What experiences do they have? Wedding catering services often have prior experiences with certain venues.

They understand how such places work as they have prepared foods in them before. A catering team could help you with getting a catering service to work to your advantage.

Be certain that you do your research on what someone has done in the past and if the venue of interest to you is one that the caterer has inside-out experience with as such a service would be easier to handle at that point.

Look carefully at what you are getting out of your wedding venue. Caterers can help you with planning great foods for your wedding if they have the right spaces to work out of.


Tips For Choosing Wedding Jewelry That Matches Your Wedding Venue

From the bridal hairstyles to wedding outfits, from venue lighting to flower arrangements, each and every tiny detail can make your wedding meaningful and memorable.

But, amongst all the things we have listed above, brides and bridegrooms often get it wrong when it comes to choosing wedding jewelry that matches their wedding venue.

That said, your wedding jewelry, especially your engagement rings can make or break your entire look. To help you navigate through this decision-making process, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing bridal jewelry that matches your wedding venue.

Do not copy. Many brides make the mistake of copying wedding jewelry themes and style from brides they had seen in magazines or wedding they attended. This shouldn’t be the case.

In fact, your jewelry themes and style need to reflect your true personality, and not someone else’s. The reason for this variation is that each bride has a different body look, complexion, frame and structure.

Just go ahead and choose bridal jewelry that not only compliment your wedding outfits but also wedding venue. Mix and match. When shopping for jewelry that matches your wedding venues, it is not a must that you pick pieces that belong to one set.

If your venue has different categories of lighting and flower arrangements, go ahead and pick different colors and types of jewelry to math with your venue. Go for quality. Don’t be very enthusiastic while shopping for jewelry pieces.

Nowadays, trends in loose diamonds and other jewelry pieces change often. Instead of purchasing these pieces in bulk, go for trendy and beautiful pieces that matches with your wedding party venue.

The only way you can get these quality pieces is to buy them from a reputable jewelry store. It is also a good idea to conduct research for different designs and patterns to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Rent your jewelry. Wedding outfits and accessories are normally meaningful during that big day. If you don’t have enough money to buy these items, there is no need to worry.

You can rent your preferred piece offline or online jewelry rental store and still enjoy the feeling of wearing exceptionally beautiful pieces just for that big day. Be careful with these gems though because you may end up getting it all wrong with a low quality pieces.

Something old is good. If you’re after jewelry pieces that will pull that vintage look or you just want to wear something with a little sentiment, you can go for something old.

You don’t have to struggle to find an old piece that matches your venue. You can the best piece in your family or friend’s jewelry boxes.

You can also ask your grandparents to lend you that gorgeous string of pearls they have been hiding somewhere in their bedrooms.

Not only will these pieces have real meaning as you style them during the ceremony, but you will cut down your wedding cost than you have imagined.


Bring Out The Best With Limousine And Party Buses To Reach Your Wedding Venue

After all is said and done (including choosing your wedding venue), your wedding day transport should be a key consideration to make. You do not want you, the bride or your guests to be stranded once the party is over.

But what options do you have? Well, what about limo rental service? With that, the bride and groom’s transport needs will be take care of. Now you are left with the bulk of your guests transport to and from the wedding location.

For that need, it is advisable you turn to party bus rental service. You see how easily your problems are solved. How would renting a good limousine and party bus for wedding venue help with your big day? 

You do not have to worry about parking space: with the bride and groom using limo and your guests coming by the party bus, there will really be no need for much of parking space. As you book your wedding venue, you do not have to worry where people will be parking their cars.

That is one problem out of you list. Wherever the choice of your wedding venue, you will not be worried about parking needs. Choose a transport rental that also deals in wedding venues: this would be perfect match.

You not only get your transport sorted but also get the assurance of a wedding venue.

Everybody arrives in style at the wedding venue: the last thing you want is the chaos of traffic as your guests arrive. With a wedding party bus, you have solved all the transport and traffic headaches.

Everyone will be seated at the wedding hall at the expected time. It is quite economical: your wedding budget will be stretched to the last limit.

If you can find a way to save on a few expenses, that would be a good way to go. Rental limousine and wedding party bus would save you on such cost (that is if you were to take care of your guests transport as well). 

A no-driving day: you have been driving all these days. Your guests too. How about no driving during your wedding? That would be very very interesting.

Rental limousine and party bus drivers will be taking everyone to the wedding venue, drive you to the reception party and take everyone home once the party is over.

Such would be a befitting gift not only to yourself but also to your family and friends who chose to come to celebrate with you. This is your big day and you deserve everything good for it.

A limousine ride will be such an honor during the day you say I do. Equally important is taking care of the transportation of your guests. A party bus would be such a thoughtful choice to make.

With the matter of transport settled, you can get busy with other important aspects of your wedding. 

Tips for Booking Limousine And Party Bus For Your Wedding Venue

If you are planning to transport your wedding guests to your wedding venue, then you need to hire a limo rental service or party bus rental service.

You don’t just pick any wedding transportation service but a reliable and safe service that will ensure your big day run smoothly. That said, here are great tips for booking limousine and party bus for your wedding venue. 

You need to come up with a basic timeline showing every detail about your wedding transportation including when you will need the services. Be sure to come up with an adjustable timeline to accommodate last-minute emergencies, such as a vendor or guests showing up late.

Once you’ve established your schedule, it’s time to start researching for a wedding hall and wedding transportation service. Your finances will dictate everything about wedding including guest transportation to your wedding venue.

When booking your preferred transportation service, make sure you consider the price of mileage, cost per hour and distance involved from Point A or Point B to your wedding venue.

Also keep in mind that the price asked by various companies will vary depending on where you live and whether you are going for a limousine ride or an ordinary vehicle. You know that document or plan you have been preparing since you started planning for your wedding transportation. 

You need to send it to your limo rental service or party bus rental service. Make sure you include all the necessary directions and alternate routes in case you are hit by an unexpected traffic jam.

And whatever you do or whatever decision you come up with, make sure that you contact your wedding planner. One of the finer details of your wedding is the form of transportation.

If limousine ride isn’t your style, then you need to think of party buses, horse-drawn carriage or even wedding trolleys. You can also decide to surprise your partner by renting their favorite car to take her to the wedding ceremony. 

If you plan to transport out-of-town guests to your wedding venue, you need to keep in mind that some of them may wish to leave the party late at night. 

If you have a tight budget and you can’t afford separate buses or limousines for those who plan to leave the party earlier, ask your friends if they wouldn’t mind carpooling. 

Otherwise, it is always a good idea to provide guests with a list of taxi services because some of them may want to travel back earlier if they feel tired or a little bit tipsy. 

Tips To Have The Perfect Wedding At Your Hotel Resort Wedding Venue

Every bride and groom has dreams of having an enchanted wedding hosted at the most beautiful wedding venue of their choice. 

For most people, that wedding hall would be within a highly respectable establishment. It should not only be well known for its outstanding beauty and standards, but also for the service, the wedding packages and the ambience. 

Having your celebration at a 5-star hotel is one way to make a statement and give yourself a fairytale wedding reception. Here are some common hotel wedding venue FAQs that might help you easily find the right establishment. 

What other services are included in the fees? Most hotels will offer you catering services as well as the equipment necessary to host your guests (chairs, tables, tableware, linens and so on). 

Others, however, will only give you the space so that you can fill it up with your own rental equipment. What other events are scheduled on the same day? This is highly important as it will give you an idea of just how much time you have on your side.

Plus, you might not want to book a hotel reception venue that has other weddings on the same day. The staff will be stretched and may not pay as much attention to your event as you would like them to. What is the alcohol policy? Some hotels include an open bar within the fees. 

There are several options where this is concerned: some charge by the hour, others charge a flat fee while most charge you by how much alcohol was actually consumed. There is a huge difference in all three pricing rates. 

What kind of restrictions do they have? Some excellent wedding venues may be located within a residential area meaning that you will have to keep it down and shut down the party at a given hour. Others have strict fire codes that do not allow sparklers or candles. 

What about the payment and cancellation policy? Almost every wedding venue will ask for a security deposit. You need to know if that is refundable in case of a cancellation.

You also need to have everything in writing in the form of a contract. The best policy is not to assume anything. When trying to find a book the right wedding venue, you need to make sure that all your questions are answered and that everything is in writing. 

This is the only way to give yourself some much deserved peace of mind as you scramble to set everything up for your big day. 

Wedding Venue Offering Interesting Crawfish Catering

It is time you get down and get that wedding venue that will give you an amazing wedding catering to celebrate your wedding. Possibly, you may want to try something new like having seafood served at your wedding.

Crawfish catering would be a perfect choice. Your caterers will do more than just prepare the wedding menu. They will have the duty to coordinate the reception of the wedding besides dinner flow in the wedding hall.

Besides, they will stock the bar, offer the tableware rentals and might also bake your wedding cake. It is crucial you begin the search for your wedding caterers not forgetting the wedding venue much earlier.

The best are booked in advance. You can start your search by following few routine steps. You can start by asking recently married couples for any recommendations.

You can also ask your workmates to give you some referrals. Besides, you can ask your favorite food restaurant to offer you catering services that will cover your wedding catering and the wedding venue.

So, what should you consider to narrow down the list of potential wedding venues? Are they licensed? You should consider wedding venues with caterers who are licensed.

If they are licensed, it means they have met the standards of the local health department. In case you will be serving any alcoholic drinks in the wedding make sure you consider those with a liquor license. 

Do they have referrals from previous clients? It is important to consider the wedding venues and caterers that have been referred most by previous clients.

You have to consider references. This way you will be able to find out more information about them. You will be able to ascertain how it’s like working with them. Make sure you consider those who have more than two referrals. 

Do they specialize in unique wedding menu? Probably you are looking for a wedding venue which is offering crawfish catering. This way you should consider caterers from Cajun Food restaurant.

It is important always to pick a caterer that specializes in the menu you have in mind. Is the venue having an event same weekend? 

Some venues might have two or more events stacked up on the same weekend. Make sure you consider a wedding venue, where the caterers will give maximum attention to your wedding.

It is important you consider a wedding venue where you will be provided full service. This means the caterers will handle the wedding catering, table settings, the bar services and even general cleanup of the wedding hall. 

So, are you ready for a wedding reception venue offering crawfish catering? 

Wedding Jewelry That Matches Well With Your Wedding Venue

A lot of planning goes into a wedding. In your long list of things to do, choosing the bridal jewelry should make the top 5.

Jewelry has the power to transform your outfit and complete your wedding dress perfectly. As a bridal accessory, jewelry needs to fit the occasion in every sense of the word. To achieve this, your jewelry should match with your venue.

Most brides will choose accessories that match their dress but will not go the extra step to match them with the venue. However, the type of venue you choose for your wedding should determine what jewelry you wear.

Here are some tips that will help you accessorize according to your venue. Have a dream rooftop wedding. This is one of the classic urban settings, so what does this mean when it comes to the type of jewelry you choose?

First off you should go for modern pieces. To create the perfect vibe, find structured jewelry pieces. The right metal for such a wedding is gold.

Small and simple ornamental pieces should work great and are available at your local jewelry store. Plan your wedding on the beach. The sprawling blue in front of you should inspire your jewelry. Look at casual jewelry with cool colors and simple shapes.

Faux stone jewelry goes well with a waterfront wedding. Precious stones such as loose diamonds also blend well into the whole ensemble.

You can plan your wedding in a barn. A barn wedding has its own special atmosphere. The pastoral feel of the day is accentuated by gemstones. Colorful gemstones and hanging diamonds are the perfect combination. This gives you a lot of options on how to wear your accessories.

You could go for a gemstone necklace and diamonds on the bracelet or the other way around; it’s totally up to you. You can also have a green garden wedding. A garden is a perfect venue for your dream wedding.

There are lots of vibrant colors, and the setting is as feminine as can be. Accessorizing for a garden wedding is much simpler because you have so many colors to work with.

Pieces with lots of colors are just right for this wedding venue. Your baubles will also look great if you mix a lot of floral shapes. 

Get it right with the necklace. For the fact that it will be by far the largest piece of jewelry you will be wearing on the day, the necklace has to be perfect.

Here you don’t only have to worry about what the wedding reception looks like but your type of dress too. Pick the necklace according to your gown’s neckline and incorporate the theme of the venue. 

You don’t have to be worried about wedding bands and engagement rings as you choose your wedding jewelry. Pick what you like and try getting jewelry you can wear even after the wedding.

The Right Wedding Dress Matching Your Wedding Venue

Deciding on your wedding dress and your wedding venue are probably the two biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding.

No matter the one which you find first, they can heavily affect the rest of your wedding design and décor.

Also, they can have a huge effect on each other. Perhaps you find the wedding gown early on and its style dictates the wedding hall you will get married.

Or maybe you have had your perfect wedding place in your mind for years, and its atmosphere gives you a sense of the type of wedding gown you would want for your special day.

Whatever the decision, an excellent way to help simplify your wedding plans should be to use different parts of your wedding dress and the wedding venue to create a harmonious wedding style.

Let’s say you decided to go for your wedding gown shopping first. You may want to try a variety of different styles and types of wedding dresses before you find the perfect wedding outfit.

Some brides find that they end up with a dress they would never have expected, so you have to be prepared to try something new when you go to the bridal store.

Sometimes finding your ideal wedding dress is the starting point for your special day. A very gorgeous vintage style outfit might inspire you to find a historical venue.

A sleek contemporary dress might be better at a trendy restaurant, and a traditional outfit would possibly look great in a manor house or even a country estate. 

And vice versa, when you have found a great venue for your special day, it is much easier to shop for a wedding gown with a vision of where you’ll be wearing it in mind. A summery tea-length outfit probably would not look quite right when the wedding hall is an old country hotel.

Possibly, it would be better is a fresh and casual outdoor wedding venue. Similarly, a venue with historical impact might require a showstopping wedding gown. 

Your wedding venue and wedding dress will surely affect your choice of décor, flowers, music, accessories and even food.

Having a wedding theme and style in your mind for your wedding is important. It will make things run far smoother especially when you are shopping for your wedding dress.

You will have a clear image to follow. You won’t get confused with the hundreds of wedding dresses out there. 

Whether you find your wedding venue or your wedding gown first, let your choice guide you to create a beautifully matching and stylish wedding for you and your loved one.

Graceful Wedding Photographs At Your Wedding Venue

It’s easy to get caught up staring at other people’s photos on social media and other platforms and see how beautifully their photos turned out. 

Well, that’s inspiring, but it can also be daunting. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that can make all the difference for the wedding photographs at your wedding venue. 

Your wedding venue will probably be one of the busiest times of the wedding day for taking photos. There is often a lot to fit into what may be a relatively short amount of time.

If your reception is going to be at a different venue, add in some traveling, and it’s easier to see how easily it can become hectic. Some photographers offer the option of adding a second photographer, which is worth considering.

Having more than one photographer can make a significant difference on the coverage you have at the wedding venue, especially if time is a bit tight. Work out your shots well in advance. Plan your shots.

Let your photographer know the most important people that should be captured at the venue. You can assign two or more people to help your photographer, generally, people who are good at being organized and know majority if not all the guests.

Pre-planning some of the shots can go a long way in ensuring all the crucial moments and most important people in your life are well captured. 

Consider the weather. When choosing a wedding venue, bear in mind how the weather might be. There are times when the weather can be somewhat erratic, so it’s crucial to have a backup plan.

Think about where you might go if the weather isn’t too good for you to stay outside. If your wedding day turns out to be a little cooler or it’s raining, be sure that the indoor area is a nice place where you would still enjoy your wedding. 

The photos will capture where you are so it’s crucial that you’re very comfortable with the indoor space. It’s also important for the photography studio or photographer to familiarise themselves with the indoor space in case they need to make any adjustments or carry additional equipment. 

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. However, stress can easily creep in and get the better of you. Try to relax and enjoy the moment. 

Have fun and enjoy your time with your loved ones. It shows on photographs, and it could also show if you’re not enjoying yourself. 

Wedding photography is all about capturing precious moments and real emotions so strive to leave all your stresses behind and embrace what may be one of the happiest days of your life.

Capturing The Best Wedding Photographs At Your Wedding Venue

Gone are the days when the wedding party would be forced to leave the venue to a wedding photography studio. Modern-day photographers can easily organize a session to take stunning wedding photographs at your wedding venue.

It is indeed a hassle-free way of capturing those memories without having to squeeze into photo booth away from your wedding location. On location, wedding photographs are able to capture the most important moments as they happen.

Depending on the budget, you can hire a good professional wedding photographer for the duration of your wedding or for a few hours. For the time you have booked them a wedding photographer will be fully at your service, waiting for those precious events that make the most sophisticated, stunning and artistic wedding photos.

Many people don’t think much of it but your photographer for the day should visit the venue before the ceremony. Any good photographer will jump at this offer as an opportunity to get to know you better.

He/she will be able to get a feel of the area, identifying the most idyllic spots for many good    stunning pictures. They might also take some test photos just to get their creative juices flowing.

If the professional photographer asks to bring a partner to your venue, be quite open to the idea as it is a great way of getting a variety of different perspectives. Modern wedding venue photographers utilize drones to help in acquiring the rare aerial shot.

Having drone photographs taken by a professional might seem expensive until you see how beautiful your wedding party looks from the skies. Photographers have different styles so the couple must look at previous works to see if they are the ideal choice.

Reception is the best time for taking wedding photographs. People are usually relaxed, smiling and relishing the food if not dancing to the couple’s favorite tunes; a recipe for wonderful pictures.

Professionals agree that during weddings, the best pictures are taken during such easy moments when no one cares about the cameras. There is need to limit the time for group photos so that the couple may have a chance to relax and actually enjoy the ceremony.

Wedding photographs are special but there is a real joy to having them taken at the venue. rather than rely on your guests and their cool phones, it is best that you hire a reputable professional.

Experts know how to work with the elements of nature, around your guests and use the best tools to ensure the best shot at your wedding place.