Tips for Booking Limousine And Party Bus For Your Wedding Venue

If you are planning to transport your wedding guests to your wedding venue, then you need to hire a limo rental service or party bus rental service.

You don’t just pick any wedding transportation service but a reliable and safe service that will ensure your big day run smoothly. That said, here are great tips for booking limousine and party bus for your wedding venue. 

You need to come up with a basic timeline showing every detail about your wedding transportation including when you will need the services. Be sure to come up with an adjustable timeline to accommodate last-minute emergencies, such as a vendor or guests showing up late.

Once you’ve established your schedule, it’s time to start researching for a wedding hall and wedding transportation service. Your finances will dictate everything about wedding including guest transportation to your wedding venue.

When booking your preferred transportation service, make sure you consider the price of mileage, cost per hour and distance involved from Point A or Point B to your wedding venue.

Also keep in mind that the price asked by various companies will vary depending on where you live and whether you are going for a limousine ride or an ordinary vehicle. You know that document or plan you have been preparing since you started planning for your wedding transportation. 

You need to send it to your limo rental service or party bus rental service. Make sure you include all the necessary directions and alternate routes in case you are hit by an unexpected traffic jam.

And whatever you do or whatever decision you come up with, make sure that you contact your wedding planner. One of the finer details of your wedding is the form of transportation.

If limousine ride isn’t your style, then you need to think of party buses, horse-drawn carriage or even wedding trolleys. You can also decide to surprise your partner by renting their favorite car to take her to the wedding ceremony. 

If you plan to transport out-of-town guests to your wedding venue, you need to keep in mind that some of them may wish to leave the party late at night. 

If you have a tight budget and you can’t afford separate buses or limousines for those who plan to leave the party earlier, ask your friends if they wouldn’t mind carpooling. 

Otherwise, it is always a good idea to provide guests with a list of taxi services because some of them may want to travel back earlier if they feel tired or a little bit tipsy.