Wedding Jewelry That Matches Well With Your Wedding Venue

A lot of planning goes into a wedding. In your long list of things to do, choosing the bridal jewelry should make the top 5.

Jewelry has the power to transform your outfit and complete your wedding dress perfectly. As a bridal accessory, jewelry needs to fit the occasion in every sense of the word. To achieve this, your jewelry should match with your venue.

Most brides will choose accessories that match their dress but will not go the extra step to match them with the venue. However, the type of venue you choose for your wedding should determine what jewelry you wear.

Here are some tips that will help you accessorize according to your venue. Have a dream rooftop wedding. This is one of the classic urban settings, so what does this mean when it comes to the type of jewelry you choose?

First off you should go for modern pieces. To create the perfect vibe, find structured jewelry pieces. The right metal for such a wedding is gold.

Small and simple ornamental pieces should work great and are available at your local jewelry store. Plan your wedding on the beach. The sprawling blue in front of you should inspire your jewelry. Look at casual jewelry with cool colors and simple shapes.

Faux stone jewelry goes well with a waterfront wedding. Precious stones such as loose diamonds also blend well into the whole ensemble.

You can plan your wedding in a barn. A barn wedding has its own special atmosphere. The pastoral feel of the day is accentuated by gemstones. Colorful gemstones and hanging diamonds are the perfect combination. This gives you a lot of options on how to wear your accessories.

You could go for a gemstone necklace and diamonds on the bracelet or the other way around; it’s totally up to you. You can also have a green garden wedding. A garden is a perfect venue for your dream wedding.

There are lots of vibrant colors, and the setting is as feminine as can be. Accessorizing for a garden wedding is much simpler because you have so many colors to work with.

Pieces with lots of colors are just right for this wedding venue. Your baubles will also look great if you mix a lot of floral shapes. 

Get it right with the necklace. For the fact that it will be by far the largest piece of jewelry you will be wearing on the day, the necklace has to be perfect.

Here you don’t only have to worry about what the wedding reception looks like but your type of dress too. Pick the necklace according to your gown’s neckline and incorporate the theme of the venue. 

You don’t have to be worried about wedding bands and engagement rings as you choose your wedding jewelry. Pick what you like and try getting jewelry you can wear even after the wedding.